Friday, July 25, 2008

Continental Divide

According to geologists, a continental divide exists on every continent except Antarctica. A continental divide is a border line, of sorts, between two watersheds, and, depending on which side of the dividing line a drop of water would fall (assuming no evaporation or absorption) that drop of water will eventually travel to one destination or the other.

In North America, the Continental Divide divides the flow of water between the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Rain or snow that melts on the east side of the divide flows toward the Atlantic Ocean while precipitation on the west side drains and flows toward the Pacific Ocean. The North American Continental Divide follows the Rocky Mountains from northwestern Canada to southwestern United States of America. It continues through the Sierra Madre’s in Mexico and on through the Andes in South America.

I think the United States of America is currently struggling with many watershed issues. Abortion, same sex marriages, immigration & economic issues, energy and educational crisis, and the ‘so called’ global warming issue all the while our country tries to prosecute an international war on terror. Our country is currently divided socially and politically along many different ideological lines and the average voting taxpayer will fall like rain and flow to one side or the other, and apparently, worlds apart, often times without much thought.

I find this an interesting because behind these issues are ideas. Ideas like ‘justice’ and ‘liberty’ and ‘rights’. Words like ‘choice’ and ‘life’ and ‘control’ take on different shapes and meanings to those who use them. I find myself taking notice of how careful and crafted news reports and political speeches are written and delivered. These topics are important and I struggle to know what I believe and why I believe it.

At the core of all the worlds’ tensions, are the ideas and those that would manipulate the ideas to bring about a particular result. That is the quest for power. The power to will, the power to dominate, and the power to control. By the way, this is not limited to seats of power in government, or church magistrates, or school boards . . . but also in the privacy of our own homes.

So what is my point today? Can tough questions have easy answers? Here are ten questions that I have been asking myself for the last 20 years or so.


Who am I?

Why am I here? (Alternate question . . does life have meaning and value?)

What does it mean to be a “human being”?

What is the nature (essence) of evil?

Why is their pain and suffering in the world (alternate question . . . why is their pleasure and joy in the world?)

Is there a God/god/gods?

What is God like?

Has God spoken?

Is there life after death? (Alternate question . . .Is this all there is?)
How can I know that I know anything? (Alternate question . . .What do I know for sure?)

Oh how I need to be brave and face these straight on. There are no red pills or blue pills to take. Life is what it is and all the wishful thinking cannot make it otherwise.

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